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Villa 17 million USD of couple Chan Tu Dan

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The accommodation of Chan Tu Dan family is luxurious with full amenities.
On September 2, 163 reported that actress Quan Chi Lam posted a video revealing the villa of Chan Tu Dan. The star couple are close friends in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

According to Sina, the mansion of a martial arts star has a large area, fresh environment, friendly to nature. Surrounding the villa are forests and a small lake. Cozy living space, luxurious interior and full amenities.

In addition to the gym, Chan Tu Dan couple’s house also has a movie theater, concert hall, swimming pool and large garden area to meet the preferences of each member and for gatherings with you. raft.
Villa of couple Chan Tu Dan – Uong Thi Thi.
According to Sina, the villa was bought by Chan Tu Dan for his wife Uong Thi Thi in 2013 for more than 17 million USD. In which the actor’s wife owns 80% of the property value, Chan Tu Dan is 20%. In addition to this house, the actor also holds 5 other real estate with a total value of up to tens of millions of dollars.

The couple Chan Tu Dan is a prominent and wealthy character in the Hong Kong entertainment world. Both friends are the top billionaires and businessmen in Port Fragrant country.

The actor is a world famous martial arts star. His wife Uong Thi Thi, besides modeling, is also the daughter of a businessman selling gems and diamonds. The father of the beauty is known as the “diamond king” among the Chinese overseas in Canada.
The villa in the amateurs’ family is a gift from Chan Tu Dan bought for his wife.
Recently, Chan Tu Dan played the guest role of Truong Tam Phong in Ỷ Thien Do Long signed 2020 produced by Vuong Tinh. According to Sina, the actor rarely plays historical dramas because the shape is not suitable, he does not have the spirit of the reclusive Taoist.

In 2020, his career was also significantly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. The movie “ Rescue the Polar Area ” was delayed until early next year, while Hoa Moc Lan met many difficulties on the way to debut.

Recently, Forbes ranked Donnie Yen ranked 58th among the most influential stars in China.

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